From "Music And Your Mind: Listening With A New Consciousness," by Helen L. Bonny and Louis M. Savary

Saturday, June 7, 2003

Music Night - June 7th, 2003
880 Davenport Road
8:45 P.M. - 2:10 A.M.
Playa rotation:
Jay, Jon D., Deans, Jon F., Beau

Theme: Whole Lotta Video

1. Stevie Wonder: Sir Duke
2. Smokey Robinson and the Miracles: Tracks Of My Tears
3. Flaming Lips: What Is The Light?
4. Jerry Butler: Don't Let Love Hang You Up
5. Eminem: Without Me
6. The Fat Boys: Stick 'Em
7. Led Zeppelin: We're Gonna Groove (live video)
8. Fugazi: Anti-Apartheid Montage (live video)
9. Judy Garland: Somewhere Over The Rainbow (movie)
10. Flaming Lips: Turn It On (music video)
11. Jay: Street Scene In Osaka (home video)
12. Pavement: Rattled By The Rush
13. Misfits: Children In Heat
14: J. Geils Band: Whammer Jammer
15. Beastie Boys: Hey Ladies (music video)
16. Boogie Down Productions: The Bridge Is Over (live)
17. Beatles: Baby's In Black (live video)
18. Dinosaur Jr.: Freak Scene (live video)
19. Stevie Wonder: I Believe (When I Fall In Love....)
20. Louvin Brothers: My Baby's Gone
21. Ella Fitzgerald: How High The Moon (live)
22. Roland Kirk: Three For The Festival
23. Tribe Called Quest: Buggin' Out
24. Eric B. And Rakim: Paid In Full
25. U2: Numb – Emergency Broadcast Network remix (music video)
26. Jackson Five: I Am Love
27. Byrds: He Was A Friend Of Mine (live video)
28. Joy Division: Dead Souls
29. George Jones: Grand Tour
30. Jimmy London: Bridge Over Troubled Water
31. Gaylettes: Son Of A Preacher Man
32. Dandy Livingstone: Rudy, A Message To You
33. X: Johnny Hit and Run Paulene
34. ? and the Mysterions: 96 Tears
35. Rolling Stones: Have Mercy
36. Nite Blues Steel Band: T.S.O.P.
37. Chet Atkins: I Feel Fine
38. Primal Scream: Blood Money
39. Bob Dylan: Lily, Rosemary, And The Jack Of Hearts
40. Whale: Hobo Humpin' Slobo Babe
41. Miles Davis Quintet: It Never Entered My Mind
42. Supergrass: Grace
43. Samhain: Descent
44. Beatles: Baby You're A Rich Man
45. Willie Nelson: I Gotta Get Drunk
46. Aphrodite's Child: Four Horsemen
47. The Who: Substitute (live video)
48. Sex Pistols: God Save The Queen (movie clip)
49. Rolling Stones: Monkey Man
50. The Clash: Somebody Got Murdered

Lines of the Night:

"Someone's gotta play some hip hop" - Beau, in reference to being the first to play rap.

"Hook me up with a Big Ram" - funny no matter how many times it was said by Jon F. or Jay

Interesting Factoid:

The initials of the participants only require six different letters: J, D, L, F, B, and I.