From "Music And Your Mind: Listening With A New Consciousness," by Helen L. Bonny and Louis M. Savary

Saturday, November 16, 2002

Music Listening Night aka Joint Group Howl
Live & Unreleased in the November Snow
16 November, 2002, 9:00 p.m. - 3 a.m.
Boulton Hall, 199 Boulton Ave., Toronto
Selectors: Jon D., AGP, Beau, Ron, Deans, Turner, Jon F. (12:30 onward)

1. (Jon D.) John Lennon & Friends - Blue Suede Shoes (live in Toronto, 1969)
2. (AGP) Gene Vincent & The Blue Caps - Blue Jean Bop (live at the Sportitorium, Dallas, Texas, ca. 1958)
3. (Beau) The Who - My Wife (live in San Francisco, 1971)
4. (Ron C.) The MC5 - Ramblin' Rose (live in Detroit, 1968)
5. (Deans) Iggy Pop (w/David Bowie) - TV Eye (live, mid-70s, maybe Berlin)
6. (Turner) Neil Young & Crazy Horse - Hey Hey, My My (Into the Black) (live)
7. Ramsey Lewis - The "In" Crowd (live)
8. Count Basie - I Ain't Got Nobody (live at Carnegie Hall, NYC, 1938)
9. The Band - The Weight (live, Last Waltz show, DVD)
10. Frank Zappa & The Mothers of Invention - Latex Solar Beef/Willie the Pimp, Part One (live)
11. The Kinks - You Really Got Me (live)
12. Kiss - Rock & Roll All Nite (live)
13. Creedence Clearwater Revival - Fortunate Son (live in Oakland, CA, 1970)
14. The Yardbirds - Smokestack Lightning (live)
15. Montego Beach Hotel Calypsonians - Maintenance (live, presumably at the Montego Beach Hotel, early '60s [?])
16. Led Zeppelin - No Quarter (live)
17. Miles Davis - Don't Blame Me (live radio broadcast, France, 1960)
18. Radiohead - Killer Cars (live radio broadcast, Vancouver, 1996)
19. Underworld - Two Months Off
20. Ananda Shankar Experience & State of Bengal - Jungle Symphony (live)
21. Up Bustle & Out - Hip Hop Barrio
22. Weezer - Tired of Sex
23. Butthole Surfers - Human Cannonball
24. Frank Black & The Catholics - End of Miles
25. Yo La Tengo - You Can Have It All (live on Late Night with Conan O'Brien)
26. Neil Young - The Old Laughing Lady (live, 1993)
27. Beastie Boys - Shadrach (live, DVD)
28. Ron Cunnane & Mary Pierce - Tender Bubbles (live under a waterfall in Guatemala, 2001)
29. The Replacements - Like A Rolling Pin (live)
30. Jeff Tweedy - Yesterday (live at the Lounge Ax, Chicago, 1998)
31. Beau exits (due to cookie/beer/smoke/peanut butter cup-enduced nausea) w/ Cyril Neville – Gossip
32. Jimmy Cliff - Miss Jamaica
33. The Monotones - Book of Love
34. The Beach Boys - Good Vibrations
35. Husker Du - Eight Miles High
36. Nirvana - You Know You're Right
37. (Jon F. enters w/) Stevie Wonder - Heaven Is Ten Zillion Light Years Away
38. Pixies – Gigantic (live in Holland, 1990)
39. Die Haut (w/Lydia Lunch and Kid Congo Powers) - Parts Unknown (live)
40. Soviet Army Chorus & Band - You Are Always Beautiful (live)
41. Pavement - Summer Babe (Winter Version)
42. Alice in Chains - Heaven Beside You (live acoustic)
43. Phish - Gin 'n' Juice (live)
44. The Stranglers - Golden Brown (live)
45. Betty Wright - Clean Up Woman
46. Bob Dylan - Just Like A Woman (live in England, 1966)
47. Jane's Addiction - Sympathy for the Devil (live)
48. Radiohead - Packt Like Sardines In A Crushed Tin Box (live at Molson Park, Barrie, 2001)
49. The Flaming Lips - She's Gone Mad
50. Jeff Beck - Beck's Bolero
51. Jimi Hendrix (Band of Gypsys) - Machine Gun (live)
52. Rites of Spring - End on End
53. The Strokes - New York City Cops
54. The Sonics - Psycho (live)
55. Neil Young – Winterlong
56. Hawkwind - Earth Calling/Born to Go (live)
57. Ozzy Osbourne - Crazy Train (live)
58. Cheap Trick - Surrender (live at Budokon)
59. Elvis Presley - That's Alright (live, 1968 comeback special)
60. Guided By Voices - Glad Girls
61. Lynyrd Skynyrd – Freebird (live)
62. The Clash - Straight to Hell (live)
63. Phish – Farmhouse

House lights up

Discovery of the Night - The Montego Beach Hotel Calypsonians, a resort-hotel house band good enough to convince several in attendance they were hearing an early Wailers track

Most Powerful Live Band Ever - The Who (still)

Peak Energy Level - Freebird, which claimed the host's German Wine Festival pint glass (for a worthy cause)

Line of the Night - Jon D., who said "I'm gonna pull a Robert Plant and go to the bathroom during the solo" during "No Quarter," and then did

New Precedents - highest number of media used (CD, LP, minidisc, cassette, DVD); longest song ever played ("No Quarter"); first song ever played that was written and recorded by one of the attendees (Cunnane's "Tender Bubbles"); first song ever played that featured an on-stage reference to one of the attendees (Turner, Radiohead's "Packt Like Sardines")

Monday, November 11, 2002

Music Night: November 11th, 2002
Attendees: Jay and Steve, later joined by Bryan of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, aka B+.
Theme: None.
Mood Alterants: Unfortunately, only beer. Does living in Japan count as a drug?
Song Choice Order: Jay/Steve initially, later Jay/Steve/B+.

1. Airport - Wet Willie (Jay)
2. What You See Is What You Get - The Dramatics (Steve)
3. Bad Weather - The Supremes
4. I Love You - Weldon Irvine featuring Don Blackman
5. Have You Been Making Out Okay? - Al Green
6. I Don't Care Who Knows It - Andy Bey w/ Duke Pearson
7. Mack the Knife (Live in Berlin) - Ella Fitzgerald
8. No Tiene Telarana - Havana Mood
9. Evil Vibrations - The Mighty Ryders
10. Hold it Down - 4Hero
11. Sexy Boy (Beck remix) - Air
12. Cristo Redentor - Donald Byrd
13. Release - Saul Williams
14. This Happening - Jaki Byard and Michael Marcus
15. Money Don't Matter 2Night - Prince
16. I've Had a Little Talk - Horace Silver featuring Andy Bey
17. Ocean Within - Saul Williams and KRS-One
**********Enter B+************
18. Already Gone - Peace (Steve)
19. Tread Water - Rusty P's featuring Imani (B+)
20. Hoe Blow - Necro (Lapeyre)
21. We Get Ill - Schooly D
22. - Ugly Duckling
23. B-Boy Punk Rock 2001 - The X-ecutioners feat. Everlast (includes the skit "Who Wants to Be a Motherfuckin' Millionaire?")
24. The Chicken - The JB's
25. It's Over Now - Kool Keith
26. Osaka Tales - Living Legends
27. Green - Fink
28. Fire In The Middle - Nightmares on Wax
29. Hypocrites - Bob Marley
30. Send Us to Zion - The Abyssians
31. Baby, I Don't Like Your Clothes - Har Mar Superstar
32. The Hiatus - Diamond D
33. Super Hoe - Boogie Down Productions
34. Wined and Dined - Syd Barrett
35. What Goes On - The Velvet Underground
36. Capricorn - Cannonball Adderly
37. Refuse to Lose - Non-Phixion
38. Coffee - Odd Squad
39. Don't You Worry 'Bout A Thing - Richard Davis
40. Mayday on the Front Lines - MC Ren
41. Seinfeld - Jeru the Damaja
42. I Get A Kick Out Of You - Frank Sinatra
43. Twice The First Time - Saul Williams
44. Love Me Or Leave Me - Nina Simone
45. Les Fleur - Minnie Ripperton
46. Bionic Oldsmobile - Analog Brothers
47. Inside My Love - Minnie Ripperton
48. Old Man - Neil Young
49. Freddie's Dead (Instrumental) - Curtis Mayfield
50. Give Me Your Love - The Sisters Love
51. Beautiful Night - Prince Paul
52. Deception (Don't Let Money Change You) - Blackalicious

It was a good night. The wierdest moment of the night was when we couldn't for the life of us figure out if the Air/Beck remix should be at 33 or 45 rpms. And I got a chuckle from Bryan when I said that Neil Young's "Old Man" contained "gangsta banjo".

My favourite song title of the night was certainly "Baby, I Don't Like Your Clothes". Both Saul Williams and Kool Keith got played three times, although only Minnie Ripperton got played twice in the same round, which I believe has only happened previously with Ween.

Best song...hard to say. I've Had A Little Talk by Andy Bey was mind-blowing. Steve,I'll tell you this much: the best one-two combo was BDP chased by Syd Barrett. Or Jeru followed by Sinatra.